Why is Business Analysis So Complex?

Most organizations are in a constant state of change. Competition prompts us to frequently offer new products and services; regulations are constantly being amended. Change can result in chaotic environments if you don't have a positive change culture. Business Analysis skills are key to critically analyzing the potential impacts of change. By working across the organization, business analysts evaluate and manage the impact, interaction and interfaces of numerous changes, making sure they are aligned with the organization's vision and strategic plans.

Fortunately, there are processes, techniques and tools which help business analysts manage these complexities.

Business Analysis

  • Evaluates each change and its potential impacts in a rational and methodical way
  • Guides the change through the organization navigating complex processes, policies, and operations
  • Applies critical thinking to situations, anticipates future impacts and weighs pros and cons

Organization Change

  • Competition prompts organizations to frequently offer new products and services
  • Clients, customers, members demand more information, more interaction and more transparency
  • Regulations and laws are created and amended, sometimes without careful analysis of ramifications

Tools & Techniques

  • Determine the true organizational need
  • Understand potential value and costs of the change
  • Identify specific requirements appropriate for your business problem


  • Facilitates recognition of impact on multiple stakeholder groups
  • Provides comprehensive analysis, communication and rollout plans


  • Ensures thoughtful, organized and detail approach to problem solving
  • Ensures that change results in the desired outcomes


  • Allows the organization to proactively manage change versus react
  • Limits outside forces taking the organization off its stated course

RMC's Business Analysis Framework

Supports orderly and consistent management through the development and training of best practices.

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