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White Papers

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Business Analysis: The Best Way to Start a Project How do projects get started in your organization? If you're thinking, "well, it depends," you are not alone. Few organizations have a well-defined, consistent way of deciding when work becomes a project. However, a strong business analysis practice can save an organization significant time and money by weeding out low-value projects and prioritizing valuable ones based on business need and realistic, expected benefits. Register on the right for free access
RMC Spotlight: An Inside Look at the IIBA®'s New Certification Program In 2006, The International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) created the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) and in 2011 added the Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®). As of September 2016, this two-tier system has been replaced by a more comprehensive four level, competency-based certification program for business analysis professionals. This whitepaper breaks down each of the four levels by focusing on what you need to know. Register on the right for free access
PMI's new Business Analysis Certification (PMI-PBA)® Domains What to expect for the Needs Assessment, Planning, Analysis, Traceability, and Monitoring, and Evaluation Domains. This article is a compilation of a series of blog posts, found on Converging 360, written by Barbara Carkenord throughout the writing of the publication PMI-PBA Exam Prep Guide. Register on the right for free access
The PMI-PBA® - Is This Credential Right for Me? Curious about the PMI-PBA® certification or considering getting this certification? Download the questions and answers discussed during our 1-hour webinar, The Project Manager & Business Analyst Exchange: The PMI-PBA® - Is This Credential Right for Me? Register on the right for free access
Three Proven Ways Analysis Tools Prevent Scope Creep Download valuable questions and answers from professionals attending RMC's webinar Three Proven Ways Analysis Tools Prevent Scope Creep. Register on the right for free access
Roles Defined: The Project Manager and Business Analysis If your organization struggles with clearly delineating the differences between project managers and business analysts, download this IIBA® Peer Reviewed article which recommends an approach to defining roles based on requirements' types. Register on the right for free access
Top 10 Agile Techniques Every Team Should Know The agile methodology may not be as far from traditional project management practices as you might think.This article provides an overview of ten agile techniques, and illustrates how applying these techniques can increase team effectiveness and overall project success. Register on the right for free access
Article: The New PMI-PBA® Designation: An Inside Look at Business Analysis and PMI's New Business Analysis Certification If you are responsible for requirements on your projects you should consider getting formal recognition for that work. PMI is now offering a new certification for business analysis. Register on the right for free access
Tailoring Scope by Project Maybe we cannot have just one model or standard set of definitions for all types of projects. As the project management discipline matures, we have discovered that different types of projects require different management. This whitepaper recommends that scoping should be tailored to the type of project and product being undertaken, rather than trying to design a standard scope statement or statement of work (SOW) for all projects. Register on the right for free access


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RMC Learning Solution's QuickGuide to the BABOK® Guide V3 The IIBA®'s A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) V3 is a great resource for anyone striving to improve their organization's effectiveness. Register on the right for free access
RMC QuickGuide to Working with Introverts Experts estimate that 30 to 50% of the population have introverted personality characteristics. Introverts are quiet and don't always express their thoughts and ideas, but you are missing valuable insights if you only hear from the extroverts. This QuickGuide provides some characteristics and suggestions for better integrating your introverted and extroverted team members. Register on the right for free access
QuickGuide to Requirement Types This two page reference describes the industry standard requirement types (as defined in BABOK® Guide and PMBOK® Guide). It also describes how to use each type for current (as-is) and future (to-be) state analysis. Register on the right for free access
RMC Scoping Checklist Getting agreement about the scope of a project and its solution is difficult. This 80 question checklist will allow you to quickly assess your solution's complexity and the extent of analysis which has already been completed for the solution. Register on the right for free access

Recorded Webinars

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Three Proven Ways Analysis Tools Prevent Scope Creep The dreaded scope creep...
We all know what it is and what it can mean to our projects. Scope creep is often cited as a major reason for project failure. RMC Learning Solutions has a fresh take on preventing scope creep—by applying several essential analysis tools. View webinar to learn about these proven ways!
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The Scope Checklist: An Innovative Approach to Scoping Your Next Project If you're business leader or a project manager, register today for RMC's Scoping Your Next Project webinar. You will learn about Scoping and methods to help your organization prevent scope creep from derailing your next project. Register on the right for free access
Mastering Business Analysis Through Practice and Certification In this one hour webinar, Barbara Carkenord outlines the seven foundational steps required to excel in a Business Analysis role. She also reviews three of the most popular new and established business analysis related certifications which allow practitioners to demonstrate their skills and receive formal recognition of their expertise. Register on the right for free access

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