The Business Analysis Strategic Advantage

Business innovation requires change. Organizations must explore strategic ways to create value and help the organization thrive. Long-term success demands teams work systematically to conceptualize, develop, and deliver new value.

Cultivating strong Business Analysis practices across all levels of your organization encourages innovation by identifying stakeholder and customer needs, and finding creative ways to meet those needs.

Business Analysis Drives Value

  • Align project requirements and initiatives more effectively
  • Reduces team rework through effective identification of business requirements and solutions
  • Controls changes and aligns stakeholder priorities
  • Guides organizational change through successful and timely results to improve the bottom line
  • Delivers outcomes aligned with organization goals

RMC Translates Learning into Results

  • Sharpens critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills
  • Provides hands-on experience in applying the latest business analysis strategies, best practices, and tools
  • Delivers expert perspectives on gathering and managing stakeholder expectations and requirements management
  • Integrates Agile practices into the evolving Business Analyst's role

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Business Analysis Onsite Learning

Bringing an expert business analysis instructor to your company will help develop and hone business analysis skills that are consistent with your organizational needs.

RMC's shared learning approach provides immediate results by:

  • Providing practical tools and techniques to think critically about needs and solutions
  • Creating a common language and a set of processes enhancing team work and collaboration skills
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Global Learning

Is your team global? No problem. RMC can educate and train your team using the SAME tools, almost anywhere.

We leverage our world-wide network of authorized education providers located in more than 50 counties so you can consistently train your team without having to deal with multiple training companies in each country.

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Business Analysis Curriculum

Building an effective business analysis practice for your business is important but for it to be effective you need a plan. Success depends upon creating a dynamic curriculum that is fun, rigorous and relevant.

RMC's got you covered. We'll help your organization design a curriculum based on your level of experience and types of project to:

  • Improve individual and team skills to meet your evolving business needs
  • Help employees apply business analysis principles to their projects
  • Demonstrate a career progression for BAs at all levels within your company
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