RMC Fellow's Certificate™

Successful professionals rarely have only one skill set. People who work to improve their organizations are successful because they are able to work in various roles on teams and use multiple skills as needed. The RMC Fellow's Certificate program recognizes individuals who excel in multiple disciplines and bridge skill gaps for their organizations—whether their projects are large or small in scope. These generalizing specialists usually focus in one area, but are also able to assist in other roles making them valued team members. The RMC Fellow's Certificate program supports all of the challenges outlined above, and delivers unique recognition as a result.

If you are a professional project manager, business analyst, or agile leader looking for career-related credibility, RMC Learning Solutions is pleased to offer its new RMC Fellow's Certificate™. The RMC Fellow's Certificate not only provides an extensive amount of learning, but also offers the opportunity to earn a credential from an organization recognized around the world.

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Students participating in this program will earn their RMC Fellow's Certificate by participating in a variety of training classes, and then demonstrating their knowledge by passing exams after each. The program requires the completion of at least ninety (90) hours of professional education on a variety of topics crossing multiple disciplines—including project management, business analysis, and agile development approaches.

Enrollment in this program requires an enrollment fee and adherence to a Professional Code of Conduct, which the candidate will be asked to sign. Once accepted into the RMC Fellow's Certificate program, educational hours may be earned through a catalog of RMC-provided courses available in traditional classroom, live online and e-Learning options. Upon completion of each course the candidate will demonstrate understanding of the material by passing an exam. The RMC Fellow's Certificate is available to individuals, as well as corporations and government agencies seeking to develop and recognize professional expertise.

Program rules: (See list of eligible classes)

  1. A candidate must successfully complete 90 hours of RMC education.
  2. The candidate must pass the class exam for each completed class.
  3. There is no time limit for completion of the 90 hours.
  4. A candidate must at least complete two fundamentals classes (Agile Fundaments, Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) Exam Prep, Business Analysis Fundamentals, or Project Management Fundamentals (aka Tricks of the Trade for Project Management).
  5. No more than 50 hours of the education can be e-Learning.
  6. Candidates may receive credit for eligible RMC classes (attended up to two years prior to their enrollment date) if they pass the associated class exam.
  7. Enrollment fee is $49 to be paid upon entry to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Far Back Can I Count My RMC Classes?
  A: RMC Fellow's Certificate Program™ candidates may count any qualifying RMC class attended within two years of enrollment in the program. For a complete list of RMC classes which qualify for Certificate credit, please review the Fellow's Certificate Curriculum and Electives page.

Q: How Can I Earn Credit for a Previously Attended Class, and Sign Up to Take the Exam for That Class?
  A: When you are ready to take an end-of-course exam, the RMC Student Support Team can verify your attendance in the class. Once your attendance has been verified, the Student Support Team will provide you a link to the exam for that class. You may contact Student Support at (952) 846-4484 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Central Time, or via email at info@rmcproject.com.

Q: Why is There a Program Enrollment Fee?
  A: The enrollment fee for the RMC Fellow's Certificate™ Program is currently $49. This is a one-time fee charged at enrollment, and covers program administration and tracking student progress throughout the program itself.

Q: Do RMC Fellow's Certificate™ Program Candidates Receive Discounts on Training?
  A: Participants in the RMC Fellow's Certificate™ Program receive the same course pricing as all other RMC students. Group discounts may be available for blocks of five (5) or more students from the same organization. Please contact Student Support at (952) 846-4484 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Central Time, or via email at info@rmcproject.com for more information.

Q: What Happens if I Fail an End-of-Class Exam?
  A: Students who fail and end-of-class examination will have the opportunity to retake the exam one (1) time. If the student fails a second time, he or she is required to contact Student Support for additional guidance. Please note the recommended course of action may be to re-take the class.

Professional Code of Conduct

By enrolling or participating in RMC's Fellow's Certificate program you agree to adhere to a professional code of conduct: (note: This may have been done on your behalf if someone else enrolled you)

I will protect proprietary or confidential information about the RMC Fellow's Program. I will not share program materials with others including but not limited to class presentation materials, class workbooks, case studies and class exam questions or answers.

I will report unethical or illegal conduct of other program participants to RMC management.

I will proactively and fully disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate RMC stakeholders.


I understand that I will be awarded the RMC Fellow's Certificate only after meeting all of the program requirements.

RMC reserves the right to make changes to the RMC Fellow's Program at any time.

Multi-Disciplinary Career Path

The RMC Fellow's Certificate is designed to help corporations take a more diverse and multi-disciplinary approach to their employees' career development. The program provides PMOs, Centers of Excellence, project and business leaders with a cross-disciplinary understanding of Project Management, Business Analysis and Agile. Courses are available in a wide range of learning formats including Instructor-Led, Live Online and E-Learning.

Improving Business Performance

Our first-of-its-kind, integrated curriculum recognizes all types of projects require nimble, multi-skilled leaders. Our program focus on:

  • Developing multiple and a broad set of skills needed for project and business leaders to work in various roles on teams
  • Promoting a deeper understanding of team member's work processes and deliverables

The result: better collaboration, operational efficiencies and project performance.

Want Help Transforming How Your People Work?

Talk to an RMC training specialist about the RMC Fellow Certificate. For a personalized conversation, you can schedule a call with Dawn Gerber (dgerber@rmcproject.com) or (202) 299-9396.

Or, complete the form on the right and a training specialist will contact you directly.

Fundamentals Courses
Program Participants Must Complete at Least Two of the Following:

Title Format Access/
Agile Fundamentals * ILC 2 Days 14
Agile Fundamentals * E-L 30 Days 14
Business Analysis Fundamentals * ILC 3 Days 21
Business Analysis Fundamentals * ILV 3 Days 18
Business Analysis Fundamentals * E-L 30 Days 16
PMI-ACP® Exam Prep * ILC 3 Days 21
PMI-ACP® Exam Prep * E-L 30 Days 21
Project Management Tricks of the Trade ILC 3 Days 21
Project Management Fundamentals and Tricks ILV 3 Days 18

ILC = Instructor-Led Classroom   •   ILV = Instructor Led Virtual   •   E-L = Self-Directed e-Learning

Electives Courses
Program Participants Must Complete at Least Two of the Following:

Title Format Access/
Building and Managing Virtual Teams E-L 30 Days 16
Business Analysis: A Critical Role on Projects ILC 1/2 Day 4
Business Analysis: A Critical Role on Projects ILV 1 Day 4
Business Analysis: A Critical Role on Projects E-L 7 Days 4
Creating a Winning WBS ILV 1 Day 6
Defining and Managing Project Requirements ILV 1 Day 6
Defining and Managing Requirements ILC 1 Day 7
Developing High Impact Project Communication ILC 2 Days 16
Developing High-Performing Project Teams E-L 30 Days 8
Eliciting and Modeling Requirements ILC 3 Days 21
Project Estimating: Bullet Proofing Your Project Plan ILC 1 Day 7
Project Estimating: Bullet Proofing Your Project Plan ILV 1 Day 6
Facilitation Skills Workshop ILC 3 Days 21
Handling Unrealistic Schedules ILC 1 Day 8
Improving Your Project Communication ILV 1/2 Day 4
Improving Your Project Communication E-L 1/2 Day 6
Quality Management on Projects: A Step by Step Guide ILV 1 Day 6
Secrets of Dealing with Difficult Teams ILV 2 Days 12
The Project Management Office: Benefits, Obstacles and Tips for Success E-L 30 Days 14
Tricks of the Trade® for Negotiation ILC 2 Days 16
Tricks of the Trade® for Negotiation ILV 2 Days 12
Tricks of the Trade® for Risk Management ILC 2 Days 16
Risk Management, Tricks of the Trade® for Project Managers E-L 30 Days 14
CAPM® Exam Prep ILC 2 Days 16
CAPM® Exam Prep ILV 3 Days 18
PMP® Exam Prep ILC 2 Days 16
PMP® Exam Prep E-L 180 Days 35

ILC = Instructor-Led Classroom   •   ILV = Instructor Led Virtual   •   E-L = Self-Directed e-Learning

* Only one of these courses should be included

NOTE: e-Learning courses limited to 50 hours towards certificate training from other providers may be transferrable, contact us with questions.

Become an RMC Fellow!

Getting started easy! You can apply ANY qualifying RMC class you have attended in the last two years, to the 90 hours of professional education credits required to earn this valuable certification. Click the button below to register today and start earning your Fellow's Certificate!

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